Skilled Faculty
Support Staff
Vision To be at the front-line of human knowledge and work towards the fulfillment of cultural, scientific, intellectual and humane needs of society in general and students in particular; to enrich and enhance the economic vitality and quality of life, while being firmly rooted in the rich Indian ethos and belief.

Mission All-round development of the students, with an equal emphasis on academics as well as extra and co-curricular activities so that they emerge as individuals capable of facing the challenges of life.

Goals of the Institution
  • Academic Excellence
  • Realization of inherent creative skills
  • Sharpening of leadership skills
  • Inculcating the right values
  • Creating instruments of team building, catering to diverse strata of society.
  • Emphasis on liberal, secular and open-minded education
  • Sensitization of the problems of the country
  • Promoting a culture of research and exploration at all levels
  • Providing platforms to enhance employability skills through work and earn.