Year of establishment: 1949

Types/nature of activities conducted: Lot of emphasis on experiential Learning. Innovative Teaching Pedagogy:

  • Excursion: Two 1-day field visits per term and at least one long and short excursion per year
  • Festival: ZOONATION- one day filled with activities related to career and, environment issues.
  • Guest lecture: Curriculum based as well as beyond curriculum, career oriented, conducted by inspiring eminent speakers from industry, research and entrepreneur fields.
  • Training/ Workshop: On field or hands on training giving zest of the work environment and responsibilities towards workplace.
  • Internship: Vermicomposting course as a part of Solid waste management which is knowledge and skill based.
  • Beyond curriculum teaching through DBT funding
  • Films: Excellent films on Ecology & Ethology/Fisheries/ Wildlife & Biodiversity conservation/ Biography of Eminent personalities (Baba Amte)/ Curriculum based films on research & Entrepreneurship.


Ms. Lata N. Sardesai (HOD)
Dr. Lalana D. Khot
Mr. Manoj Kadam
Mr. Nikhil Disoria


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Courses Offered

Course Syllabus Programme Outcome Course Outcome
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Departmental Publications:
  1. *Head.Associate Professor Lata Sardesai, Dr.Lalana Khot, Disoria Nikhil And Manoj Kadam (09-Feb-19) Waste resource recycling by vermitechnology And Microbial composting-Environmental Management of Biodegradable Solid waste-A case study (ENVISAGE2019, VOL1, PG NO; 13, National Impact Factor: 5.5)
  2. (Poster at National symposium climate change…2019.) Dr Lalana Khot* Rohan Kurale And Saud Shaikh (26th & 27th March 2019 Climate Change & Avian diversity of Dongri village wetlands Bhayander west Thane- Poster presentation at National Symposium on Facets of Life sciences (NSFLS) Department of Life sciences, University of Mumbai.
  3. Dr. Lalana Khot* & Sardesai Lata (12th August 2015) Study of Avian Diversity at Mira Bhayander Mangrove ecosystem.(UGC, National Seminar on Wetlands, at M. D. College, Parel Mumbai) 6 : 36-43 ISBN No. 978-81-925005-3-9
  4. Dr. Lalana Khot* & Kadam Manoj (23rd & 24th January 2015) Hydrobiology & Sediment Studies of Jaffari Creek along Mira Bhayander Mangroves. (National Conference on Emerging Trends on sustainable development) at Kirti College, Mumbai (ISBN No. 978-81-930573-4-6)
  5. Zarmeen Fasahte, Rani Singh, Mit Chougule, Zain Deshmukh and Lalana Khot* (12th August 2015) Study of Faunal Diversity of Dongri Village mangroves at Bhayander, Thane District, Maharashtra.(UGC, National Seminar on Wetlands) 7: 44-51, ISBN No. 978-81-925005-3-9
  6. Shifa Deshmukh, Solomon Fernandes, Indrajeet Nishad & Lalana Khot* (12th August 2015) Status of Fishery along Estuarine area of Mira Bhayander mangroves, Thane, Maharashtra.(UGC, National Seminar on Wetlands) 13: 77-83. ISBN No. 978-81-925005-3-9
One day Zoology festival filled with activities related to career and environmental issues having activities such as
  1. “Zoo-yoga” in which students performed Animal poses,
  2. “Tree of Unity” performance by students,
  3. “Man v/s Wild” Environmental awareness- Wildlife and Conservation through skit with Experts - Mr. Nikit Surve- “Leopard man of Mumbai”,
  4. Opportunity exploration in Dog Training by Experts - Mr. Abhijit Chitnis, Mr. Sachin Rawate & Mr. Vinay G
  5. “Zoo-cinema”- which had Hindi songs & dances based on animals.
  6. “Paneer intended” the paneer cuisine competition
  7. Treasure Hunt- 'Hunt the Hunter' was game of problem solving ability, activities and trivia to search for clues for solving and reaching the final destination.