DISCIPLINE Students are expected to be on their best behavior in the college, especially in the class room, courteous to all and polite to teachers. Students should avoid loitering in the corridors, sitting on staircases and converging at the corners. Care should be taken not to damage the furniture and belongings of the college. College premises, building as well as classes must be kept neat and tidy. Edibles (including chewing gum or mouth fresheners), drinks other than water, smoking and spitting are strictly prohibited in the college premises. Eatables and drinks are permissible in the College canteen. Students should strive to maintain the secular and harmonious atmosphere of the college by refraining from indulging in any type of religious, communal or political activities in the college premises. If a student's behavior is found to be detrimental to the best interest or discipline of the college, the Principal may direct such a student to leave the college without assigning any reason. The Principal's decison in this matter is final and binding on the defaulter. Insubordination, use of unbecoming language of any kind and violation of any code of conduct of the educational institution will be considered as enough and sufficient cause for the expulsion of the student. Use of mobile or cellular phones in the premises of the college other than the college canteen openspace out side building is strictly prohibited.