IDENTITY CARD The College issues Identity & Library Cards to each and every bonafide student in the beginning of the academic year, which is valid only for that particular academic year. If a student cancels the admission from the college, these cards and any other document or books belonging to the college must be surrendered along with the receipt, before applying for the Leaving Certificate. If a student misplaces or loses the Identity Card this must be brought to the notice of the Principal immediately. If reasons for the loss are found excusable a duplicate Identity Card is issued to the student on a written request. Such student is levied a fine of Rs. 200/- for Degree College Student and fine of Rs. 100/- for Junior College Student. If deemed necessary the student may be required to inform the Police Department about the loss. Students are requested to wear the Identity Card around their neck, every day, in the college premises. This is not only a valid document for the entry to the college, but also for the examinations, library, laboratory, and classrooms and in fact anywhere in the college campus. Students are required to produce the identity card for random checking and verification by the staff members of the college. If asked for, the student must even surrender the identity Card to them courteously. Identity Card must be complete in all respects otherwise it will be treated as invalid.