College Profile

Rishi Dayaram & Seth Hassaram National College and Seth Wassiamull Assomull Science College, Bandra, Mumbai is one of the oldest institute of higher education situated in the suburbs of Mumbai. The college was first established in Hyderabad (Sind), now in Pakistan, in the year 1921 with the blessings of Dr. Annie Besant and Rishi Dayaram. After partition, the then Principal of this college, Principal K. M. Kundnani, vowed to re-establish the college in Mumbai.

It is the first college to be established by the Hyderabad Sind National Collegiate Board (HSNCB) in Mumbai, in the year 1949, under the able guidance of the founder Principal of this college, K. M. Kundnani and the founder President of the HSNCB, Barrister H. G. Advani. The history of the college is an inspiration in itself and has been striving to provide best of the facilities and the courses, and has served first generation learners and minority communities for over six decades, imparting value based community intense education.

The college is permanently affiliated to the University of Mumbai and is recognized by UGC under 2(f) and 12(b) of U.G.C. Act. Working towards its vision and mission statements, the college lays great emphasis on the all-round development of all its students. While academic excellence is encouraged and rewarded, a variety of extracurricular activities conducted by the institution enable the students to explore their capabilities and is a step towards the holistic development of the students’ personality and confidence. Students of both, Junior and Degree College, participate in academic and other activities of the college every year under the guidance of its caring and supportive staff.

Recently, the prestigious educational institution celebrated 72 years of sheer excellence not just in the field of academia but above and beyond it. R.D. & S.H. National College and S.W.A. Science College firmly believes in the ideology of nourishing not only our students but also the society. This constantly drives and encourages our team to effectuate a plethora of dynamic social, cultural, academic and environmental initiatives. Some of our significant ingenuities include the installation of a Water Recycling Plant and adopting Rainwater Harvesting; establishing and florishing a homegrown Medicinal Garden in our campus; installing Solar Panels to promote energy conservation; organizing frequent Health Check-ups for our staff and students, setting up Covid Vaccination Drives for all our students; arranging Blood Donation Camps in the challenging and testing times on the campus to help the diseased; Offering Relief work at an Adopted Village Pansai, Dist. Raigad by the NSS Unit along with providing an Education Support Program for the people of Pansai; distribution and promotion of Khadi Masks to support the ideology of our Hon’ble Prime Minister’s voice of Atmanirbhar Bharat and Vocal for Local. The college on its 72st anniversary proudly installed Smt. Jotu Kundnani Chowk on Linking Road, Bandra West.

In addition, the shift to online mode of education has been eased by several technological advancements not only for students but also Faculty members and Support Staff. An exemplar of this technological enhancement would be training the support staff in English Proficiency; several trainings are regularly provided to faculty members based on the use of LMS platforms along with a Membership of INFLIBNET. Strategic teaching techniques are adopted by faculty members to churn out the best potential from learners amidst the unprecedented times by organizing Online Orientation sessions for the first year students and via initiating E-resources like Virtual laboratory; updating the Google classroom platforms, using simulations for delivery of learning material for students; organizing Online Webinars, Workshops, Guest Lectures by industry professionals to impart their expertise, knowledge and experience; conducting examinations and much more. The establishment of a fully secured Wi-Fi enabled campus along with an advanced art, sound and editing studio add to the many feathers on our cap. The launch of a civil service Centre for students to prepare for the UPSC /MPSC examinations traces a milestone along with the DBT STAR College scheme that has strengthened academic excellence by providing several essential instruments to SIX Science Departments of the college.

The college firmly believes in laying the foundation for a credible education by insisting and encouraging experiential learning via bringing the real world closer to the students endorsing Academia – Industry Interface. Institute Innovation Council (IIC), is another scheme of MHRD, Government of India, that has been running since 2018, and in 2019 we have been provided by a 5 STAR rating for conducting activities related to innovation, Entrepreneurship, IPR and Start-ups

A dynamic approach towards uplifting the performance and churning out the best constantly has always been the prime motto of the college. A plethora of initiatives are taken by the college in order to educate students beyond academics and firmly inculcate the value of social responsibilities. The college is aware of its social responsibilities and caters to work in this direction by promoting amongst all students a culture of community service.

The college strongly believes that one of the most important aspects of higher education is to create an individual who can contribute to national growth through self-learning. Campus Induced Placement Process and Intercollegiate departmental festivals are some student-intense steps in the direction of self-learning.

The grievances of students are addressed through instruments like the Inward System, Mentor System, Tutor System, etc. A language Lab and English Proficiency courses cater to the needs of first generation learners and students from vernacular medium of school education. The college is a part of large conglomerate of fourteen prime educational institutions in and around Mumbai, as well as, has established networks with neighboring institutions and other institutions of repute. This helps the college in providing further avenues to its students for exposition of theory.

The students are also exposed to the world outside its curriculum by conduction of Industrial /Institutional Visits, Guest Lectures by eminent personalities and by the introduction of skill-based programs. The college has collaborations with some industries and corporate houses.

Workshops are organized on regular basis to abreast our students and faculties with the latest knowledge and to enhance their employability skills. The progressive management, the enthusiastic faculty and students who are the ambassadors of the college strongly believe in the motto of the college, “PLAY THE GAME”, and are working in a direction to take the institution towards accomplishing its mission and vision statements, reflecting the ideology of our founders.