1. The Campus must be kept clean. All garbage/waste must be thrown in the dustbins.
  2. No smoking, spitting, eating or chewing gum anywhere in the college premises. Eating is exceptionally allowed in the college Canteen.
  3. Resting feet on the wall is prohibited.
  4. No loitering around in the corridors when the lectures are on.
  5. Identity cards must be worn around the neck at all times while on the campus.
  6. Students bearing in valid identity cards will be considered as non Bonafide.
  7. Total silence must be observed in the library.
  8. Sitting on cars or vehicles parked in the college campus is prohibited.
  9. Students shall do nothing either inside or outside the college that will in any way interfere with its orderly conduct and discipline.
  10. No student shall collect any money or contribution for picnic trip, education visit to some place, get together, study notes, charity or any other activity without prior sanction of the Principal.
  11. Students should not take part in any intercollegiate events without the prior permission of the Principal.
  12. No student shall communicate any information or write about matters dealing with the college administration to the press/ media without prior permission of the principal.
  13. Matters not covered by the existing rules will rest at the absolute discretion of the Principal / Head of the institution.
  14. Students are expected to come decently dressed.
  15. Students are strictly prohibited from bringing any outsider to the college campus without prior written permission.
  16. Students should observe and read information displayed on Notice Boards on a regular/daily basis in order to be informed/updated about instructions and information displayed for their benefit.
  17. Students should deposit any lost property found by them in the college office. Owners of lost property should claim the same from the office counter with proper identification the very next day.
  18. Use of mobile phone in class room / laboratory / corridor is strictly prohibited.
  19. As per the Supreme Court ruling,
    1. Ragging in any form would be met with exemplary punishment.
    2. A student, if found guilty of ragging, would be expelled from the college.
    3. A student, if found guilty of ragging earlier, would not be admitted.
  20. Any other instruction issued from time to time by the college authorities.