The syllabus followed by the college for any subject is prescribed by the University. As a result, students do not get an opportunity to study subjects which do not belong to their chosen stream. Thus, they have limited scope go beyond the options offered. This results in a stunted academic growth. To meet the shortcomings of the system, the college has introduced an interdisciplinary researchbased program, 'Honors Program' - The students' Research Initiative for the students of UG & PG courses.

The duration of this program varies from six months to one year depending on the nature of the projects through which they enrich their knowledge beyond curriculum in their own subject or in an interdisciplinary topic. The Honors program consists of two modules, namely, a compulsory component of Research Methodology and Project Work. Projects can be selected from their own discipline or any other disciplines. At the end, they are required to prepare a project report and the same is presented which is evaluated by a panel of experts. Successful candidates are awarded with a certificate.

Students have reported that the Honors certificate has done wonders for them in the job market because their prospective employers have been impressed by the fact that they have done something more than what their basic degree demands, a quality that each employer looks for in a candidate. UG as well as PG Students participating in Honors Program have been participating in the Research Convention -“Avishkar” Research Convention, organized by the University of Mumbai. Since 2018 college has been receiving Best College Award (awarded by the DSW, University of Mumbai) in West Zone for participation in Avishkar Research Convention.