1. To spread awareness among students, faculty and staff about the value of entrepreneurship and its role in career development or employability
  2. To provide academic resources to students/ staff to teach them that innovation (technology, process or business innovation) is a mechanism to solve the problems of the society and consumers.
  3. Entrepreneurs should innovate with focus on the market niche.
  4. To encourage students to develop entrepreneurial mindset through experiential learning by exposing them to training in cognitive skills (e.g. design thinking, critical thinking, etc.), by inviting first generation local entrepreneurs or experts to address young minds.
  5. To initiate idea and innovation competitions, hackathons, workshops, bootcamps, seminars, conferences, exhibitions, mentoring by academic and industry personnel, throwing real life challenges, awards and recognition should be routinely organized.
  6. To prepare the students for creating the start up through the education, integration of education activities with enterprise-related activities should be done