NATURE CLUB Nature logo Objectives:

College has an active Nature Club. Main objectives of Nature Club are to promote Research & Culture pertaining to environment related issues. It also tries to improve our natural habitat through self-governed action by supporting government agencies, NGO's & educational organization in the urban regions.

Nature Club tries to co- related the scientific understanding of undergraduate courses for creating better living space, which in turn helps to overcome the grim effect of Global Warming and Climate change. It helps all inhabitants of the planet earth to make small changes which will lead to a gigantic change in the long run through people's participation.

An E-Newsletter “Neev” is published electronically in collaboration with the Department of Botany which is circulated among more than 5000 people in India and abroad. The articles are contributed by students, alumni and faculty of the college. The theme of the Nature Club for the academic year 2020-21 is 'SUSTAINABILITY'. All programs of the club during this academic year will be based on this theme.

  • Dr. Kiron Jathar (Vice Principal) Chairperson , Degree College, Science
  • Dr. Suchandra Dutta, Convenor
  • Mr. Nikhil Disoria, Member
  • Ms. Aarti Nair, Member
  • Ms. Kamaljeet Kaur, Member
  • Ms. Manisha Salunkhe, Member
  • Ms. Swati Saxena, Member
Theme for the Year 2018- 19: "Conservation and Sustainable Development" Notices Monsoon Festival Notice Date:11/07/2018 Calender For the Year 2023