Mass Media & Communication (BMM)


BACHELOR OF ARTS in MULTIMEDIA AND MASS COMMUNICATION (B.A. – MMC) course is an Undergraduate programme which has been designed to provide students with a firm training in Communication Skills.

This programme was started by the University of Mumbai for the first time ever in National College 2000 – 01 The BAMMC programme prepares the students for a career in various sectors of media, both in Television, Print, Radio, New Media & Social Media.

The course is divided into segments of six semesters, spanning over the period of three years. The third year comprises of a specialization in Advertisement or Journalism.


Dr. Meghna Kothari (Co-ordinator)
Ms. Rumina Rai (Co-ordinator)
Ms. Aishwarya Tiwari
Ms. Rachana Mehta
Ms. Yamini Kudal


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Courses Offered


Cutting Chai

Cutting Chai is an Intercollegiate Festival that started in the year 2008. It’s a student centric event where the students right from inception till execution of the event are involved. They get the sponsorships, organize the event, do event management on days, etc. The organizing committee consists of students across FY, SY, TY. Teams are made to handle each aspect of putting up a well-organized show.

There are 12 Teams that work prior, during and post the festival.0 The Core Committee of Cutting Chai consists of two Chairpersons and two Vice Chairpersons who head the core. The Core Committee is further divided into different committees and several departments.