The Department of Psychology established in the year 1949, is a large and dynamic graduate Department offering various courses in Psychology in Bachelors of Arts and Commerce. It caters to a large student strength from Mumbai with extensive hands on training in various professional domains of psychology, along with creation of a strong base in psychological theory and research methodology in Psychology.

The teaching method of this department is audio - visual, focusing not just on conceptual understanding but effective application of psychological principles in everyday life. The curriculum is implemented and enriched by the use of case studies, case discussions and creation of a free and open space for presentation of socio - political opinions that influence the state of mental health practices today.

The department also focuses on holistic and continued development of the students with organisation of seminars, webinars and workshops - all cantered around youth issues and concerns.

Founded in 2009, Psychomagicum, is an annual inter-collegiate Psychology festival organized by The Department of Psychology. The fest is an amalgamation of activities, webinars and events tapping diverse areas of Psychology carried out by various acclaimed speakers. The goal each year is to create a platform that promotes mental health awareness and stigma-reduction.


Dr. Meghna B. Thakur (HOD)

Courses Offered

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Research: Papers & Publications
Details of Research Papers per faculty member in the Journals notifies on the UGC website (accreditation period 2018-2019 onwards)
Title of the paper Name of the author's Name of the Journal Year of publication
Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Mental Health in the Undergraduate Students: The Indian Context Dr. Meghna Basu Thakur, Anvita Walia (UG Student) International Conference on Life Skill Education 2019
Stress, Performance & Wellness (ICSPW 2020) – Impact of Work from Home During Covid-19 Lockdown on Job Satisfaction between the IT Sector and the Real Estate Sector: A Comparative Study Dr. Meghna Basu Thakur International Stress Management Association (ISMA) 2020
Relationship between Locus of Control and Employee Satisfaction Dr. Meghna Basu Thakur Journal of Psychology, Jai Hind College 2021
Minor Research Projects (Completed):
Sr. No. Name of PI of Co PI Title of Project Date of sanction & Duration Funding Agency
1 Dr. Meghna Basu Thakur Job Stress, Psychological Capital and Work Engagement as Predictors of Job Satisfaction: Findings from Indian Banking Factor 2020 UGC


The Department of Psychology and TYBA held Psycho-Magicum with the theme of 'Love and Relationships in the Modern Era' with the venue set in the Auditorium of R. D. National College.

A lively and humorous presentation prepared and performed by TYBA Psychology students began by welcoming and introducing the audiences to R D National College, followed by the evolution of the Department of Psychology in National College and a peek into the theme of the festival - 'Love and Relationships in the Modern Era'.

Then the collaborators, Dr. Avinash D'Souza of the D'Souza Foundation and Ms. Havovi and Ms. Janki Mehta of Mind Mandala were introduced. They along with the vice-principal - Rajkumari Balachandra ma'am and the HOD of the Psychology department, Meghna Basu Thankur were called on stage to light the lamp and officiate Psycho-Magicum